Our Mission

We, the Mojoz,

want to do good by creating

sustainable lighting & helping people 

at the same time.


For every lamp you buy, we donate to the 

WakaWaka Foundation

It raises funds to provide sol­ar products to fam­il­ies in need of light and power.

Whether it is in hu­man­it­ari­an

aid situations or to im­prove­ ac­cess to safe,

sus­tain­able sol­ar energy

in rur­al areas off the grid. 

So when you buy light, you give light! 

Our customers are stores, webshops, 

interior designers, hotels &

restaurants around

the globe.


Sustainable Materials

We only use recycled, recyclable or sustainable materials.

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Behind the Scenes

As part of our effort

to bring you sustainable lights,

maybe you wonder how these are made.

This is why we have created 

our behind the scenes videos

for you to learn more about

the production process.

Did you know?

All our lamps are named after

a geographical landmark

(mountains, rivers, islands..)


Our Good Cause

Buy light, give light

Each time you buy lamp, we support

the WakaWaka Foundation

by donating power & lights

to families in need around the globe.

Since the beginning of this adventure in 2016,

we have helped over 3,000 families. 

We have set our goal to double our donation

by the end of 2020!

Find out where in the world

your WakaWaka's are proving light


Over 1 billion people in the world live off grid

without access to electricity and power.

We believe access to electricity is a basic human right

and is essential in our modern world.​

The world’s greatest natural energy resource is the sun.

It’s abundant, sustainable, and available everywhere. 


WakaWaka want to fight against this energy poverty

by providing safe, sustainable solar energy for all. 

Also access to light and power means access to education, communication and income generating opportunities.


Here is how it works: 

  • Raise funds to provide WakaWaka sol­ar products to
    fam­il­ies in hu­man­it­ari­an aid situations (Philippines, Haiti..) 

  • Offer WakaWakas to developing, rural areas at a subsidized price or in exchange for community work (Kenya, Indonesia..) 

The WakaWaka Foundation is a Dutch, 

internationally operating, non-profit organization. 


Inspired by...


...to make a change and do some good!


Our very first inspiration was Jimmy Nelson's book: Before they pass away.

About the lives & traditions of the last surviving tribes who have managed to

preserve their traditional ways within our globalized world.


Below are some brands that inspired us as well. Great examples

of what a business can do for a sustainable future

and improving someone else's life.

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