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Herd of Elephants

Hey you! 
We are

the Mojoz...

amsterdam (2).png

Started in a small attic
in Amsterdam in 1993,
we slowly made our mark
in the interior industry
with it's about RoMi.

We became an
exclusive lighting brand...

... and believing in sustainability,
we identified a gap in the market
and took a leap of faith!

footprints (1).png

In the early 2010's, 
as RoMi,
we had some trials at
creating sustainable lighting.

We designed
a biodegradable lamp.

And alongside it, also had 
our  first try with bamboo. 

But we came to the 

that one or two sustainable lamps 

would not be enough!


We went on an exploration of sustainable materials. 

Little by little,
this new path led

to the foundation of

After three years
of product development,

the first full sustainable lighting collection was launched,

linked with a good cause

From small giants...

... to small elephants !

it's about RoMi logo.png

Realistic Open-
Minded Individuals 
since 1993

GM logo white 300dpi - elephant kopiëren.png

With love for
people & planet
since 2016

do you see
the elephant
trunk and ears?


First fully
lighting range
that does
some good!

Who we are

We see ourselves as small giants. Or small elephants.

A small herd with long limbs and few trumps

to get the job done.

What we believe in

It's never too late to do some good.

One set of small actions can create great change!

What we want to achieve

Create change.

We want to inspire the industry to evolve with us.

... and this is how we want to achieve this! 



Provide sustainable lighting



solar lamps
to those in need



Plant trees
to help

people & planet

“Doing a little bit better every day,
telling the story and
making the products better.”
~ Rob, founder

Seven years later,

Extending our love for people & planet.

8.250 families helped and 150.000 trees planted later, we are still motivated and inspired to help people & planet whilst keeping our customers happy. 

We also try and keep evolving by improving our packaging, discard plastic out of (almost) all our products and smart shipping by making smaller and innovative designs.


Smaller designs means more space in the containers which results in less shipping accross the world. Smaller designs are also perfect for tiny homes. The tiny home movement comes with a smaller environmental footprint.


More than 600 products

smartly designed


Number of solar lamps donated since 2016


Number of trees

planted since 2019

Ready to become partners?

Let's work together!

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