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WakaWaka Foundation



Solar Power for All

Over 1 billion people in the world
live off grid without access
to electricity and power.
Access to electricity
is a basic human right
and is essential in the modern world.​​

We believe, in line with UN sustainable development goal #7, that everybody should have access to clean and affordable energy. As the sun is the world’s biggest energy source, we believe in solar as a solution for people living off the grid.

​WakaWaka fights against energy poverty

by providing safe, sustainable solar energy for all. 

Access to light and power also means access to education, communication and income generating opportunities.

Here is how it works: 

+ Raise funds to provide WakaWaka Sol­ar products to

fam­il­ies in hu­man­it­ari­an aid situations, like Haiti.

+ Offer WakaWaka's to developing, rural areas at a subsidized price or in exchange for community work in countries such as Kenya
and Indonesia.

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Since 2016, we are a
structural donating partner of the
WakaWaka Foundation.

Together, we help communities living off-grid to im­prove­ ac­cess to safe, 

sus­tain­able sol­ar energy.
We also participate in
hu­man­it­ari­an aid situations.

For each lamp we sell,

we donate to the

WakaWaka Foundation.
When you buy light with us,

you also give light! 

Buy light,
Give light


Families helped
by the Mojoz


Our goal

for 2030

When a lamp is donated to someone living off-grid, it does not only benefit that one person.

A source of power can help with tasks such as cooking, studying, economic opportunities etc. 

A solar lamp can helps an entire family!

Small action with big impact.




WakaWaka's in

off-grid areas


Projects involved

People impacted

Discover where in the world
WakaWaka's are providing light.

Project Highlights


WakaWaka x Habitat

The sun always sets early in Uganda. With the light of a WakaWaka, young people can also work in the evening, which means they will earn more.


With the WakaWaka it's also possible to charge their phone which they need to run their business.

Thanks to the donations, we were able to distribute 1.100 WakaWakas in Uganda, in June 2022, to families in our projects who have no access to electricity.

The WakaWakas were distributed during a meeting, in which the families first received extensive instructions for use.


WakaWaka x Lesbos

On the night of 8 to 9 September 2020, there was a fire in refugee camp Moria on the Greek island Lesbos. Miraculously no people died or got seriously injured during the fire.


After the fire, there was nowhere to go and therefore a situation arose in which there was a shortage of food and water. Moreover, there was no shelter. Something needed to happen to provide people with provisions such as food and water to make the situation more bearable.


Together with amazing organizations and private donors, it was possible to distribute more than 5.000 WakaWaka’s to the people affected by the fire in camp Moria. 

More of people's stories


No torches for my family anymore

Kojoki lives in Elegu, a town in the Northern Region in Uganda.

“Before I received this solar lamp I was using a battery powered torch that uses disposable batteries. Because the solar is free of charge it has reduced my household expenditures and the money is used for buying other needs in my home.”

Kojoki Agnes (22), Uganda

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