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We create
plant-based lighting

This is how 

But first,

Before starting GOOD&MOJO,
we had been a player in the

interior industry for more than 20 years.

But we wanted to change

and to embark on a new journey

by starting a sustainable

and social brand.

All the while giving back

and doing some good!

A brand that would encourage

our industry to change with us.


In the mid 2010's,

we went on an exploration of
sustainable suppliers to launch
the first GOOD&MOJO collection. 

We harnessed a small, reliable net

of suppliers in South East Asia.

Thanks to this, we can source
the materials used for our lights 

from plants abundantly available
in their region.

And with

We work closely with our suppliers and the communities:

The vast majority of our lighting is handmade by crafts people in small, local communities in Vietnam.

During their harvest season, production is low, so we have to take this into account with production schedules.

By purchasing their handwoven goods,
we - you and us - support the local craftsmanship and their communities. 

Here is
the result

Since our launch in 2016,

we had it in our hearts to create
a 'Behind the Scenes' video series
to show how the natural lamps are made
and who makes them!  

We worked hard to make this idea a reality and share the hand-weaving process.
We are proud to present you the videos.

Behind the Scenes!

Production Videos 2022
GOOD&MOJO // BALI: Behind the scenes | Plant-based lamp
Play Video
GOOD&MOJO // BHUTAN: Behind the scenes | Plant-based lamp
Play Video
GOOD&MOJO // BROMO: Behind the scenes | Plant-based lamp
Play Video
Sustainable Materials

Let's shine some light
on the materials.

Eco linen


Eco linen is a textile made
from the fibers of the flax plant.
It has been around for

more than 2000 years.

Compared to cotton, linen is 30% stronger
and less water/chemicals
are needed for its cultivation.


Our eco linen shades
are available in six colours. 
A non-toxic dye is
used to colour the linen.

They are handmade in the Netherlands.


For our introduction

We wanted to
explore many
different materials
and offer a diverse sustainable lighting range.

Seven years

We are now
more than ever
focusing on
plant-based materials
and this resonates in our newest collection. 

New Collection

social icons leaves1_edited.png

Nature as inspiration

All lamps are named after

geographical landmarks such as 
mountains, rivers, islands and more!

We wanted to emphasize their beauty and
remind us that these are not to take for granted! 

We also try to 
do some good! 

This way for more information! 

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