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With this new GOOD&MOJO collection, we have taken a step further towards plant-based lighting with an urban twist. The nature-meets-urban aesthetic is achieved by introducing sleek spot lights, stylish pendants and lamp bases in black and white. A good match with our contemporary shades. The collection features a wide range of smaller lights - perfect for tiny homes! Small in size, big in charm. The tiny home movement comes with a smaller environmental footprint and a simplified way of living.
Our products contribute to that philosophy. 

We hope you enjoy the new collection as much as we do! 

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Behind the Scenes

Production Videos 2022
GOOD&MOJO // BALI: Behind the scenes | Plant-based lamp
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GOOD&MOJO // BHUTAN: Behind the scenes | Plant-based lamp
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GOOD&MOJO // BROMO: Behind the scenes | Plant-based lamp
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