MEKONG hanging lamp round shape

  • Our MEKONG lamp is named after the majestic river crossing 6 Asian countries. Thanks to the refined lattice work, it gracefully infuses a warm glow into your home. The contrast between the aerial lower element and the glossy-white upper piece initiates a captivating look for your interior.

    For an interesting effect, hang this lamp in combination with our two models MEKONG/H22/W and MEKONG/H50/W, in a corner of your room. You can also hang 2 or 3 next to each other above 1x2 meters table.


    Check also our pretty table lamps MEKONG/T25/W and MEKONG/T32/W.


    BUY LIGHT, GIVE LIGHT: For every lamp you buy, we donate 5% of the turnover to the WakaWaka Foundation, helping people in need of light.